The Importance of Handwriting

Dena Bishop, a pediatric occupational therapist, has this to say about the importance of handwriting:

More and more schools are issuing iPads to students and it seems like technology is taking over. I often get a lot of pushback from teachers and parents who ask, “If everyone is switching to typing, why do our children need to learn how to write correctly?” Here’s why.

  • Handwriting leads to stronger academic performance in both reading and math. This statement has been supported by multiple research studies (Dinehart, 2014).
  • Handwriting boosts memory. If we write something down, we are more likely to remember it.
  • Handwriting builds motor skills.
  • Handwriting is part of our daily lives. No matter how much we use Siri or communicate via text and typing, there is always a part of our day where handwriting is necessary.
  • Handwriting increases focus.
  • Handwriting stimulates creativity

This Ask the Expert is an edited excerpt from a course on this topic, Foundational Skills and Activities for Handwriting.