Reading to Kids Who Can Read for Themselves

6 reasons why we should (still!) read to kids who can read to themselves….


  1. BONDING. Reading aloud to our kids at any age continues to promote close bonding, the benefits of quality time and the joy of shared experiences.
  2. ADVERTISING. Yes, advertising – a good thing in this case! Every time we read aloud to a child, we are giving a ‘commercial’ about the pleasure of reading.
  3. STRETCHING. Children can listen and comprehend on a much higher level than they can read. Continuing to read aloud exposes them to more words, more concepts, more complex, interesting and engaging stories than they could read for themselves. This enhances attention span and also encourages them to stretch their own reading abilities – when they want to keep reading a book they may not have felt interested or confident enough to tackle before. Fun fact: Reading and listening skills tend to begin to converge around 14 years of age.
  4. EXPOSURE. The more we read aloud from rich texts, the more our children are exposed to a wider vocabulary and correct grammar forms. Written text is much more complex and structured than spoken/conversational language, so the more exposure kids get to it, the better off they are.
  5. ALL BENEFIT. Kids, teens and (let’s be honest) adults don’t really read as much as they could. Reading is sooooo enriching on so many levels, a little more reading is good for everyone – including us, the parents! 🙂 The shared learning has double the benefit!
  6. INFLUENCE. Sharing a good book together is a wonderful way to continue to connect even through the tween and teen years when they can start to gravitate to outside influences (peers, TV, internet). You can introduce books that deal with sensitive issues, moral dilemmas or other subjects you want to open up a dialogue about with your child.

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