The Case for Audio Books

artemis fowlThe rise of smart phones and tablets has led to an explosion in audiobooks, and while all of us-no matter our age-know the pleasure of being captivated by a well told story, what we may not know is the important benefits that kids experience who listen to audiobooks. Here are three:

  • Improved reading skills. Many of today’s audio books for kids come with multiple narrators, music and even sound effects, all of which help bring alive the words on the page and model what fluent reading sounds like.
  • Improved comprehension skills. Listening to stories helps foster imagination and encourage visualization, skills linked to improved reading comprehension.
  • Improved listening skills. Audiobooks help kids practice active-listening skills. These skills help improve concentration and increase attention span.

Many adults feel that audiobooks are CHEATING! But being literate today does not include reading alone. Our children need to be able to write, listen, speak and view across all media. Audiobooks can help our children be more literate!

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This article was written by Donna