Screen Time for Children

For the past several years, the American Academy of Pediatrics has been warning parents about the use of screen time in children before the age of 2. They recently came out with new guidelines. For babies under the age of 18 months, no screen time is still the way to go, except for live video chat, or virtual visits. So, a visit with Grandma via Facebook would be okay. For children age 15 months to 2 years, they suggest “avoiding solo media use”. Treat an app or video as you would a  picture book and actively share. For children age 2 to 5, they recommend no more than an hour a day of screen use, with caregivers taking part in screen time so they can discuss what they are viewing.  For children ages 6 and older, “place consistent limits on the time spent using media, and the types of media, and make sure media does not take the place of adequate sleep, physical activity and other behaviors essential to health.”

This article was written by Donna