Love My Library

Library Lover’s Month

February is National Library Lover’s Month! The Georgia Library Association has compiled a list of reasons why we should “love” our library. The list is a great one and I’ve borrowed a few for this column. I love my library because I can:

1. Use the library’s public-access computers free of charge.
2. Check out the latest best sellers.
3. Enjoy story times for all ages.
4. Sign up and participate in a book club.
5. Find the movie version of the book I enjoyed – and vice versa!
6. Research local history.
7. Borrow CDs and DVDs to decide if I like them before buying my own copy.
8. Locate and read back issues of magazines and newspapers.
9. Save money by borrowing them instead of buying them.
10. Find the classics in books, movies and music.
11. Check out a couple of great books on tape that the whole family will enjoy on a road trip
12. Check my email with free internet service.
13. Get IRS and Ohio tax forms in the library or online.
14. Turn in a list of books and other materials that I would like to see the library acquire.
15. Research my library account online.
16. Research health-related concerns.
17. Explore science and history – or travel the world.
18. Enjoy comfortable and safe study areas.
19. Find out what made headlines on the day I was born.
20. Find biographies of the great – and the not-so-great.

This is only twenty items. The original list includes 50 reasons to love and use your library and may be found online at

*Originally published in The Daily Jeffersonian, Feb. 5, 2012.