gifts and donations

The library welcomes citizens and organizations to support its service programs through contributions of book or non-book materials for library collections, contributions of appropriate gifts that will enhance the library’s physical environment, and bequests, trusts or donations of monetary or other assets for library purposes. Materials and equipment given to, and accepted by, the library shall become the sole property of the library to be managed as the director or his/her designee deems appropriate. The library is unable to furnish appraisals of donated items, and reserves the right to refuse any donation.

Many used items are not appropriate for inclusion in the library’s collection because of age, condition or duplication of materials already owned. The library may accept gifts of miscellaneous books or other materials with the understanding that items not added to the library’s collection will be disposed of at the discretion of the library. The library may then use any proceeds derived from such disposal for library improvement or staff development.

Patrons or organizations who wish to donate gifts of a more specific nature, such as works of art, furniture, equipment, special collections, and real property, shall be referred to the director who, in consultation with the board, will determine whether or how to accept such gift. If a patron or organization wishes to donate funds for specific purposes, the amount and nature of the expenditure must be approved by the board before the gift is accepted; items so purchased bevome the property of the library and may be disposed of accordingly.

The board accepts and acknowledges gifts monthly. Click here to access a printable donation form.
Click here to access the Donation In Memoriam form